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- H J Stephen, B.D.S.

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Implants and attachments are not new, but they have developed to become a very useful and successful way of stabilizing not only full dentures but partial dentures too.

In this case there are bilateral replace select abutments on either side of the arch aimed at replacing all the lost posterior dentition. By using the very stable and firm fitting locator attachments placed within the acrylic of the metal partial, the plate will firmly click into place without the use of unsightly clasps, maximizing aesthetics, fit, form and function.

This is a cost effective alternative to multiple implant sites and extensive restorative work.

It is critical to verify the fit of the attachments both on the model and in the mouth before continuing the case. Note the acrylic verification jig with temporary locator housings in place.

Look out for the completed case and feed back to follow.

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