To Order Fabric Samples Click here

The cost of the first sample is $3.00, each extra sample is 50 cents.

this includes Free Shipping

To Request Samples:

 We suggest you make a note of all the samples as you are searching the website and write down on a notepad the code colour and type of fabric.

1/  Click on "Samples box  then Choose how many samples you require and the price will automatically show. Then put in QTY required.

2/ When you get to the checkout page  under Message, Write down the code colour and fabric you want to order. 

** Important  To Receive FREE Delivery, opt for Samples only - Free shipping under delivery options .

You can also email or phone us with your requirements and pay via Direct Credit.


At the drop down box you can click on up to 20 samples and the price will automatically show.


 On the Checkout page under Delivery Instructions.

You will need to Quote the

Fabric or Code, and Colour

e.g. Shiny Lycra Black or 1STB Black
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Samples - Includes FREE Shipping!
1st Nylon Lycra® Sample chart
NZ $10.00
Power Mesh and Cristal Nylon Lycra Sample Chart
Ballet Nett and Ballet Tulle  Sample Chart


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