Garden Pests & Insects

coreopsis001-230x153When pests or disease attack there's always a reason.

Perhaps the plants are unhealthy due to irregular watering causing the soil to become very wet or dry.

Excessive cold, heat, drought, sun, drafts, overcrowding, virus and soil deficiencies are also frequent causes of plant disease.

Or the problem may be a seasonal one completely out of the gardeners control. Use each little plant "crisis" to learn more about your garden.

Here is a listing of common plant disorders and remedies to control them.

Pest / Insect:

Army & Corn Earworm

(green, brown, black, whooly)


Bronze & Brown Beetle

Carrot Rust Fly

Case Moth (Bag Worm)

(Looper & Diamond Back Moth)

Caterpillar (Leaf roller)

Codling Moth

Cutworm & Grub

Green Shield Vegetable Beetle

Leaf Hopper / Springtails

Leaf Miner

Mealy Bug

(Red Spider, European, & 2 spotted)

(also weed seeds and soil fungus)

(pitted, crinkled leaves)


Slugs & Snails



Weevils & Earwigs


Plants Most Often Affected:


Peach, pear, plum, apricot, citrus, strawberry, all cane fruits, rhododendron, most vegetables, azalea, roses, most indoor and glasshouse plants

Citrus, many woody trees & shrubs

All fruit trees, except citrus, roses, beets, lilies, grass roots, orchids

Carrots, parsnip, parsley


Many flowers and all vegetables ( often seen on brassicas)

All fruit trees & citrus, cane fruits, chrysanthemum, geranium, roses, azalea and many ornamentals

Apples, pears, quince lawns, many vegetables & flowers

Lawns, many vegetables & flowers

Corn, maize, beets, beans

Apples, pears, jasmine & many other vines & shrubs

Azalea, rhododendron, chrysanthemum, dahlia, Kowhai, cineraria, marigold, and many more

Citrus, most fruit trees & vines ,oleander, wisteria, tea tree, carnation, fern, palms and most indoor / glasshouse plants

Squash, pumpkins, melons, cucumbers, indoor and glasshouse plants; any ornamental when dry

Many ornamentals but especially those grown in light sandy soils

Pittosporum, N.Z. Natives, Pohutukawa

All fruit / citrus trees, conifers, many deciduous ornamental trees, shrubs & hedge plants, roses, ferns, palms and all indoor & glasshouse plants

Almost everything

Pear, plum, quince, apricot (pear / cherry) Hawthorn

Citrus, roses, azaleas, dahlia, rhododendron, gladioli, zinnia, ferns, acmenas, entire onion related family, potato, tomato & many more in hot, dry weather

Many ornamental trees, shrubs, fruits, vegetables

Many vegetables, ornamentals, indoor & glasshouse plants

Suggested Control:


Orthene, Gild, Derris Dust & Liquid,

Maldison, Pestmaster, Target, Pyrethrum, Shield

Orthene, Mineral Turps, Kerosene sprayed into holes - prune out affected wood

Target, Ambush, Gild, Carbaryl, Maldison, Thuricide

Diazinon, Napthalene


Carbaryl, Mavrik, Maldison, Gild, Derris Dust

Carbaryl, Maverik, Gild, Super Shield

Carbaryl, Maldison, Thuricide

Diazinon, Lawn Grass Doctor, Lime

Orthene, Target, Gild, Pestmaster

Orthene, Maldison, Pestmaster,
Target, Derris Dust

Gild, Super Shield, Orthene

Orthene, Maldison, Conqueror Oil, Pyrethrum

Mite Killer, Kelthane / Dicofol, Tedion,
Conqueror or Winter Oil

Drench / sterilize soil with Basamid (all plants must be removed)


Conqueror Oil combined with Orthene, Maldison, Target; Lime Sulphur

Mesurol, Blitzem, Traps


Maverik, Orthene, Gild, Carbaryl, Super Shield, Carbaryl, Pestmaster, Liquid Derris, Maldison

Target, Orthene

Target, Safers / Nature’s Way Insect Spray, Maldison, Orthene

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