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Sutton Park Primary School Project:

Project Pictures:

Below is a collection of pictures taken when the Honorable Sir Barry Curtis visited the Sutton Park Primary School to see and learn what the students are doing in the garden. Sutton Park School and Dale Harvey were about to be awarded concurrent Environmental Initiative Awards and Grants from the Auckland Regional Council for their successful efforts. This would propel the garden project to new heights that later would allow them to be the only garden ever selected to feature in the prestigious Trinity Garden Festival. Their success also featured in a special documentary appearing on NHK (Japanese National Television) applauding their efforts as leading the 'Green Revolution' and usingtheir  new 'Green Technology'. This NHK documentary has since inspired a botanical 'Green Revolution' in Japan and brought gardening into Japanese classrooms to 'grow a Green Generation' that will 'lead the way' toward an environmentally sophisticated Japanese Society.

dale mayor-230x173   mayor classroom-230x173
The children of Sutton Park Primary School in Mangere East share their school garden with the Honorable Mayor Sir Barry Curtis and with their friend and garden helper New Zealand's Gardening Guru Dale Harvey.
  Sutton Park students with Principal Judith Pickens, Dale Harvey, Mayor Sir Barry Curtis and Josie Gardner admire the garden art, handcraft display and stories written  by the students who so loved their garden projects.
sutton park 001-230x173   sutton park school-230x173
See how these many caring hands make light work and produce great results in record time.
  This garden gets extra loving attention as their first ever grown narcissus bulbs bust into bloom.
mayor flower gardens-230x173   sutton park 006-230x173
Mayor Sir Barry Curtis gets a special escorted grand tour of their many "favorite" gardens created by many caring hands.
  Students caring for their vegetables. Working together makes the work easy while building team spirit  and unity.
mayor letter-230x173   mayor lani ryan-230x173
Mayor Sir Barry Curtis accepts a floral gift and reads a special letter of appreciation from the children.
  Mayor Sir Barry Curtis commends Ryan Rewi and Lani Vaeila voted by their classmates as "tops" in their field.
vegetable garden-230x173   dale sutton park-230x173
Rewards for a job well done. These childrens' lives were permanently changed and uplifted with this experience. All moved on into successful futures.   Magazine article and picture called 'Muck & Magic' praises the very successful school garden project. These beautiful seedlings were donated to help.

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