High quality full colour printing for brochures

You want your company brand to look good... right! Make sure you get a quality print job for your brochure.

There are many different paper and print options to choose from. There is economy, environmentally friendly and premium paper types with 1-2 colour to full colour print for your brochure.

Copy Direct are colour print specialists serving the needs of companies, businesses, retailers, tradespeople, schools, clubs and individuals. Using the latest in high-speed digital equipment we guarantee accurate, high-quality printing of your brochure.

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There are several things you need to consider to ensure that you create a high quality brochure. It’s the brochure that tells your business story. 

You should always come up with an creative original design as you should always represent your unique business with a unique design. You need to decide what sort of brochure you should design. For example, single-sided, double sided, DLE and so on. Then determine what sort of layout and colours should look good and correctly represent your particular business strategy and products. The brochure must be relevant to your industry. It should clearly depict your business model, so your market will recognise you and pick up your brochure.

It’s your copy that will entice an audience to take action. Ensure you write high quality and benefit oriented content, especially for the main headings.


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Frequently Asked Questions
Can I send you documents created in MS Word, PowerPoint or Publisher?
Yes. Although the files we prefer to take are PDF files.
What other file formats can you take?
At Copy Direct we can take InDesign, Illustrator, Photoshop, and Publisher, our most preferred method is PDF files. If providing Ind, AI, or PSD files please outline text, flatten artwork and supply any linked files. We will create a PDF file for you which we will email to you to proof.
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