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Choose CES as Your External Provider of Financial Services 

The cooperative nature of CES results in low overheads and lower fees to our school,preschool, trust and not for profit clients.
Because we understand that your requirements are unique, we offer flexible financial service packages that are client-focused, and user-friendly providing a level of personal service that is unmatched by other providers.  This is what sets us apart from our competitors.  Our staff have a passion for education, extensive knowledge of the charitable trust and community sector, and our teams of highly experienced finance officers are supported by qualified accountants. 

What makes CES the financial service provider of choice?

Provision of financial service from CES provides clients with independent oversight of the accounting function, important from an audit and risk perspective. CES offers a personalised solution to financial compliance for your school.

Additional benefits of using CES as a service provider include:


  • Security for the school, preschool,trust and the Board that a specialist educational financial services provider is assisting in financial management;

  • Release of staff to fill other roles;
  • Consistency and continuity of service should key personnel leave;
  • Monthly and annual accounts that meet all accounting standards;
  • Timely reports on both a monthly and annual basis;
  • Service that is tailored to client needs;
  • Access to the combined knowledge of CES staff who service over 200 financial service clients across New Zealand;
  • Web based access for clients to view financial records.

Helping you get best bang for your school or trust funds


CES makes investments on behalf of client schools and trusts. We seek the best rates possible that meet the needs of the 'call' your school or trust may want to have on its funds. You may, for instance, choose a short-term deposit because the funds are tagged for development work.
With CES, your funds are able to attract very satisfactory returns because, with a significant portfolio, we’re able to leverage the best interest rates.
Note however that each investment is in each individual school and clients name, and in separate accounts.
CES maintains relationships with a number of institutions and banks, which are approved by the Ministry of Education, a requirement for school clients under the Education Act.


Financial Service Packages

You have the freedom to choose CES’s level of activity in your preschool, school or trust’s accounting function – from full service packages involving payment of accounts, preparation of monthly reports, calculation and payment of G.S.T etc, to financial overviews in which our team liaises with your staff on a regular basis to review financial performance.

Contact CES today to discuss a package tailored to your needs.

From our clients ………
"We have been using CES as part of our school's financial systems for a number of years now. Working with Stephen we have found CES to provide quick and useful advice on financial processing issues, quick and smooth payment of invoices on time and a smooth process through the audit trail each year. With Xero as our shared platform, we are able to monitor and process all financial issues effectively and transparently. The added benefit of having CES as a partner is the informed discussions around developing our budgets and systems year on year to ensure we have robust processes that keep everyone safe."
Mark Richardson, Principal
Aidanfield Christian College

“We enjoy a very positive relationship with the team at CES. Their support and guidance is provided in a friendly way and they are always happy to help with our enquiries. The monthly accounts and accompanying analyses and reports are produced on time each month and are useful for our admin, leadership and Trustee teams.”

Nick Raynor, Principal
Tua Marina School

"I have worked with CES in five different schools, with five different ways of running finances and with different budgets. I have always been impressed with the way CES are willing to work with the school and understand the context or special character of the school. Finances are always a concern for Boards and knowing that we can question, get advice on budgets, investments and explanations around variances is very useful. CES have always been willing to work with us to improve the financial running of the school."

Brian Price, Principal
Swannanoa School

"Fernside School has used CES as our financial support for over a decade. Despite the advances in “on-line” tools to manage our own finances we have continued to use the professional support from CES staff to ensure we are maximising our financial capability. We have always been impressed with the quality of their service and the willingness of all staff to work with and for us."

David Taylor, Principal
Fernside School

"I introduced CES into my last school to provide financial expertise that we needed.  The high quality of professional support that we received was impressive. When I moved school’s I was delighted to see that CES was providing the financial support to my new school. CES takes the worry out of an area that can create stress for Boards and school management.  I highly recommend them to other schools."
Mark Barratt, Principal
Papatoetoe South School

"Great service, friendly staff and financial reports that are accurate and on time. We have also benefitted from financial advice and guidance when necessary."

Lindsay King, Principal
Takitimu Primary School, Nightcaps


"CES provide a consistent, professional service that ensures we operate effectively. It is a pleasure to work with Stephen, Julie and team at CES with our financials. They are always friendly and responsive to our needs."

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