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What’s Asthma?

I’ll bet you didn’t know that 1 in 7 kids in New Zealand has asthma?  Across New Zealand 550,000 school days are lost every year due to asthma. That’s over 120,000 kids who find it difficult to blow up a balloon.  

So there’s every chance that in your class there’s 2 or 3 other kids who have asthma. Often we just don’t talk about it. And often we don’t really know they have asthma unless it is not well controlled. We see it when kids are wheezing, breathing heavily, having days off school or not playing sports. Asthma symptoms don't last forever, that's if your asthma symptoms aren't that bad.

Asthma is common and it can be controlled – just stick with me and we can do it together – and you can be an asthma winner. 


How do I know if I my asthma is under control?  


Asthma can't be cured but it can be controlled so it does not affect your life.


You know that your asthma is under control when:

  • You use your reliever inhaler less than 2 times a week (unless exercising)

  • You sleep through the night

  • You don’t have days off school for your asthma

  • You can play sports or do PE 

  • You only go to your doctor for your asthma medicines and not because your asthma is bad

  • You don’t go to hospital 


If this is you then that’s great – if this is not you, then check out what you can do to get your asthma under control.