Noise Abatement Training Courses

Course Outline

The structure of this course, roughly outlined, is as follows:
  • The presentation is 3.5 hrs duration  followed by  time to complete a written assessment (15 -20 mins)
  • Attendees should have access to  pre-course material that is below, or they can be downloaded from the AIA Aircare link. The two documents are:
  • Experience to date has shown that if these documents are reviewed by participants prior to sitting in on the course, the pass rate is higher.
  • The company should download and issue these two docs to each person attending well before the course.
  • The written assessment is ‘closed-book” and has a pass mark of 70%.
  • Questions are comprised from information given throughout the day’s presentation and from the pre-course reading
  • Accordingly, attendees need to be in attendance for the full course and not wander in and out to check emails or do other work (except during breaks).
  • The assessment papers are collected at the end of the session and will be passed to AIA for marking.
  • The instructor will go through the answers with all present after the papers are handed in.
  • A certificate of successful achievement will be posted to individual attendees to the postal address given on the assessment paper.
  • The course material is unavoidably weighted to helicopter operations. However there is plenty of relevance to f/wing agricultural ops.
  • A good 50% of the presentation revolves around pilot actions/attitudes and culture. These remain relevant irrespective of the a/c flown.
  • Information regarding fixed wing specifics has been drawn from Richard Rayward of Air Safaris Ltd Tekapo who is very used to operating in a noise sensitive environment.
  • In the written assessment – a portion of the questions are of a generic nature and will be answered by all. After that the paper has a page of helicopter specific questions that can be answered by the helicopter boys and another page of f/wing related questions that can be answered by the f/w boys. They only need to answer the ones on their own page.
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