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Health & Nutrition

Korukonda, India

At 43%, the rate of underweight children in India is twice as high as the average figure in sub-Saharan Africa. 

Nutrition is the highest priority for World Vision India – and no wonder: according to a 2005-2006 National Family Health Survey, 20% of Indian children under five years of age were acutely malnourished and 48% were stunted. At 43%, the rate of underweight children in India is twice as high as the average figure in sub-Saharan Africa. The consequences of this nutrition crisis are enormous: one third to one half of child deaths in India can be attributed to malnutrition.

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Health and Nutrition

Chigodi, Malawi

Malawi continues to battle against low access to and quality of health, especially among children, women and other vulnerable groups.

More than 20% of Malawian children do not reach their 5th birthday, largely due to preventable diseases and malnutrition. World Vision is doing incredible work to turn this statistic around.

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Food Security

Togogana, Mali

Funds raised for Togogana Food Security through 100Percent will help to reinforce the capacity of community cereal banks in Togogana to respond to the needs of the most vulnerable households.   

Despite initial recovery from the 2012 food crisis, the food security and nutrition situation in Mali is once again in sharp decline. The lean season has come again – stretching from June to September – placing additional strain on the 69% of the population already living below the national poverty line. Conflict in the northern part of the country has only exacerbated the already precarious situation for the 15% of Malian children suffering acute malnutrition. 

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Social Justice


By choosing to support this cause, you will be providing opportunities for justice to some of the most vulnerable children in Bangladesh.

Child labour is pervasive in Bangladesh. A 2006 national survey found that nearly 13% of children between the ages of 5 – 14 were engaged in child labour activities. The issue is even more apparent in slum areas, where the figure reaches a shocking 19%. In its most extreme forms, child labour involves children being enslaved, separated from their families, exposed to serious hazards and illnesses and/or left to fend for themselves on the streets of large cities – often at a very early age. 

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Temotu, Solomon Islands

Approximately 40% of Solomon Islanders are illiterate. The Pacific Island nation is home to one of the lowest literacy rates in region - as well as some of its highest poverty.

The Solomon Islands Government has recognised non-formal education and skills development as “vital for achieving development goals, economic growth and sustainable development”. 

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West Africa Appeal Reports Back

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Mali Reports Back

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