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Meet the Team

Crystal Diong


A Malaysian born, half Thai, half Chinese, currently living in New Zealand, Crystal has had the privilege of interacting with people from many walks of life.Having been exposed to a variety of different cultures and perspectives, Crystal recognises the unique potential everybody has to change the world. She started 100Percent to provide people with an opportunity to harness their time, skills and talent for the greater good and is committed to seeing it flourish.

Her vision for 100Percent is for it to play an integral part in putting extreme poverty where it belongs - in our history books. Besides working with the 100Percent team, Crystal also studies medicine at the University of Otago. She has an irrational appreciation for airplane food, alpacas, her dog Scooby, Chopin and Natalie Tran videos. 

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Introducing our Regional Managers

We have an incredible team of volunteers who are committed to bring people the opportunity to put their best foot forward and use their talents to change the world. Our regional managers are capable and inspiring people that lead a promotional team within each university in New Zealand.


Hannah Kim
University of Auckland

Hannah’s passion for social justice has been growing ever since she was very little, however reached a whole new level succeeding a volunteering trip to Tanzania in 2014. After witnessing severe poverty firsthand, Hannah jumped at the opportunity to partake in 100Percent. As 100Percent allows creating social change a reality which can be incorporated into the weekly schedule and not just a one-off trip, she was thrilled about producing this small but significant dent in the wall in our world that is poverty. Whilst studying psychology at the University of Auckland, she hopes to continue volunteering, boxing, painting and watching crazy number of TV shows per day until her next volunteering trip abroad.
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Jess Sinnamon 

Massey University (Palmerston North)

Jess is currently studying a Bachelor of Arts at Massey University majoring in Social Anthropology and Development Studies. With a vibrant personality and a huge passion for the environment, change, and social justice, Jess draws on her experiences from Vietnam and her cultural studies to inspire, motivate, and spread awareness of what is happening in our world. But when she's not busy organising fundraisers or learning about a new culture, you can generally find her jamming to some beaut country music, cruising over the farm, or freaking out that her dreads smell like a wool shed.

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Jess Sinnamon
Abbe Hyde

Abbe Hyde  

University of Otago

Abbe grew up in Timaru, but don't let that put you off. As a masters student in Management, Abbe is putting her knowledge and skills to use in her position. She is extremely committed and actively promotes 100Percent to her friends, family, classmates, cat...basically anyone who will listen! Abbe's passion for 100Percent stems from her belief that social inequalities should not be accepted as the norm or placed in the 'too hard basket' - change is something everyone can and should create on a day to day basis. 

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Promotional Media

Photos and graphics used for our website and promotional material (excluding field photos) were provided by the following fantastic people:


Bethany Bowers Photography

Bethany Bowers Photography  

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Adelyn Lau Photography 

Huei Lim Photography
Huei Lim Photography
Oliver Missen 100Percent

Oliver Missen Graphic Design

We're recruiting! 

Do you have a fierce determination to make the world a better place? Join our team!

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