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The 100Percent Model



We give 100%
of what you raise
to the cause of your


We are so serious about the 100% model that we’ve named ourselves after it - there’s no going back on it now!

We value our volunteers’ time and talent and want to honour that by giving them the opportunity to choose where the money goes. Therefore, 100% of the revenue they generate goes to the cause of their choice - we don’t take a cent of it to cover overheads.

Sustaining the 100Percent Model


Keep our overheads low

We’re all about using time and talent to change the world. We use it to efficiently raise funds and also to keep our organisation running. 

1. Our fundraising model focuses on volunteered services which carries no inherent cost.

2.   Our support services are volunteers.
  • Managers
  • Promotional team
  • Customer support
  • Legal consultation
  • Accounting
  • Webmaster
  • Photographers
  • Graphic design
  • Videographers

Check out who's part of our team for 2014!

Sustainable 100Percent
But some things are just unavoidable

100Percent incurs a few overheads that we just can’t avoid over the course of our day-to-day running.

  • Web development costs - we can't make this baby run without a web platform, and they don't come cheap.  So we have to give a HUGE thank you to our founding sponsor, Tax Management NZ, for making this platform possible! 
  • Web hosting costs.

  • Transaction costs - When a student tops up their prepaid account, there is a transactional fee that goes to the payment gateway provider.

Be a Part of Sustaining our 100Percent Model.

Believe in what we do? Want to help us grow? Here are four ways you can be part of sustaining the 100Percent model.
  • Donate to 100Percent

    Check out our donations page to find out all the ways you can give.
  • Volunteer your time and talent

    Sign up as a tutor or volunteer your skills to help promote 100Percent.
  • Further software development

    We have so many ideas on how to make 100Percent even bigger and better. Unfortunately, 0's and 1's don't come cheap. If you have IT know-how, we'd love for you to get in touch!
  • Sponsor us

    Are you a business or foundation Interested in sustaining what we do? Please contact us - we’d love to discuss sponsorship arrangements. Please get in contact with us!
  • A gold coin donation when you book a tutor

    When you are topping up your account, check the wee box to donate an extra $2 (or more!) to help cover transaction fees.


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