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Revision Control

Written by Jonathon Sim on May 6th, 2013.      5 comments

Today we are adding a very handy feature to the Website manager backend interface: Revision Control.   Revision Control saves a backup of your content whenever you edit it.  If you make a mistake, you can restore this backup with a couple of clicks.  

It's very simple to use: when you're editing content or products, you'll soon see a small link that says Previous Versions at the top of the screen beside the Save button:
Selection 040
If you click it, it will open a dropdown showing the details of your recent edits:
Selection 041
If you click one, it will reload the page showing the content as it was before that edit:
Selection 042
You can review this version to check it is all correct - if you want to restore this saved backup over top of the current version, you can click the Save button.  Nothing is changed on your website until you click Save so you can safely look at several different versions if you need to.  If you don't want to restore any, click the No thanks, show the current version  button, or Cancel.

Right now this works on products, content, blogs, editing components in Live Edit, and most other places you might consider "content".  It doesn't help you if you delete an item or move it around, or for Orders, Enquiries, "pages" in Live Edit, and a few other things.  We'd hope to add these functions in the future.


Sam says ...
Karl says ...
Great, a couple of questions:
How many previous versions are stored?
Are they persistent in the database?
Jonathon Sim from says ...
At this stage, we store versions for (at least) a month (it remains to be seen how much data storage this will take, I'm hopeful that we can store more than a months worth, but if we find that's too large we might have to limit it to a month). After the month is up they are (permanently) deleted. All versions up until then are deleted

Cara from says ...
Great feature, its really convenient as is the Drop & Drag feature that I use all the time.
Jonathon Sim from says ...
I just noticed my post above makes no sense. "All versions up until then are deleted " - I mean that posts older than a month are deleted (daily)
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